Client Spotlight

Frannie Bird Online Boutique

Starting your own business can be challenging and soul filling all at the same time.

Just ask Erin from Frannie Bird:

“Starting my own business has filled my creative entrepreneurial soul and challenged me on every level! Pushing through the challenges has encouraged me to grow, learn, & move outside of my comfort zone. I am grateful for the coaching & guidance that I have received from Community Futures Peace Liard. Having the support of a business coach has been beneficial for keeping me accountable and moving forward!”

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Cass’s Kitchen

Starting your own business can be challenging and rewarding all at the same time!

Just ask Cass’s Kitchen owner Cassandra:

“My dream has already happened, but that dream has so much further to go. Starting a business is exactly that… a start. Every day I aim for a new goal, and every time I reach my goal, I look to see what’s on the other side and set my sights on that.”

Keep up the amazing work Cassandra!

Riki’s Pets

Having passion for what you do matters!

Kaylie shares her experience with starting up Riki’s Pets:

“We opened up a pet supply store because our family is huge in animal health and our animals are a big part of our family. We want the best for choices for them! So far being a small community family business, we get great support, and we get the chance to get to know our local customers. We really enjoy selling local products (Canadian products) as its not only people supporting our business, but we also get to support other people’s business’s as well.”

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The Bark Club

Opportunity can present itself at any time, be ready!

Just ask Josh from The Bark Club:

“I started pet sitting from home on Vancouver Island when I was 17 and always dreamed of running a doggy daycare. After getting laid off in the beginning of 2021 due to covid, I moved to Dawson creek, decided to take the jump and finally open up shop. The first space was outgrown surprisingly quickly, and the pups and I are loving our new home away from home.”

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