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Contradictory to popular belief, branding is not your Logo, Website, or Marketing Collateral. Understanding the true definition of branding will ignite how business owners can use it to their advantage.
Introducing the out-of-the-box idea that your clients or customers are not buying your products or services. What they are in fact buying is an idea and a brand promise. What are you promising to them?
Often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing too much on their own end-game and forget to turn the focus on the perspective of their ideal target market.  
By discovering the ONE IDEA that your audience actually buys into gives way to defining your company’s brand, positioning, story, and ultimately how people connect with your business. It’s quite empowering!


Azadeh is a Brand Strategist, #1 bestseller on Amazon, speaker, mentor, and founder of Gogo Telugo Creatives. With 14+ years of experience working locally and internationally (France, Italy, USA) in branding and marketing, she has built successful campaigns and picked-up awards along the way.

She works with entrepreneurs and corporations who are looking to create an authentic connection between their company and audience, build a magnetic brand that attracts their ideal clients, and ultimately make a difference in the world.

She is a proud mentor at Futurpreneur, Advisory Board Member at Healthy Heroes Foundation, Community Leader at the David Suzuki Foundation, and past Communications Lead at the Vancouver Board of Trade Sustainability Committee.

On her free time, she dances flamenco and salsa, plays beach volleyball, and travels the globe.



Why are highly successful companies obsessed with collaboration?   They see effective collaboration as critical to fostering a committed and engaged workforce as well as strategy for building their supply chains and customer base.

At this year’s B2B you have the opportunity to experience why highperformance companies view the world of business through the lens of collaborative networks and relationships.  You will participate in two action packed exercises that will provoke thought and “conversations” about the potential that can be gained by collaborating.  You will then have the opportunity to work with your peers, sharing strategies that you have found effective for your business.


The Cornerstone Group of Management Consultants Ltd. – President

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance – University of British Columbia

Diploma, Urban Land Economics – University of British Columbia

Paul Wiest was born and raised in the Kootenays. For the past 27 years, Paul has worked in the field of business development with Community Futures of Central Kootenay, BC Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures British Columbia. Prior to this, he worked in the banking industry. Over his career, Paul has been involved in a number of collaborative partnerships involving private sector and local agencies.  Paul led the BC Chamber of Commerce’s Competitiveness BC Initiative which focuses on helping to address the challenges that BC business face in improving their productivity and competitiveness.  Paul is the Senior Productivity Advisor for GO Productivity in the BC Region.

His client’s range from large international corporations, small medium sized businesses, non-profit agencies, and government.



Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

André Chevigny had next to nothing growing up; living with his single mom in a mobile home, times were definitely tough. André used to steal fuel from the owner of a gravel business next door, just so he could get to school. But a man of honour, even in his youth, André paid the man back and made the situation right. When his older brother Bryan needed help with his log home business, a teenage André would work peeling logs after school and on weekends.

The former Director and General Manager of Pioneer Log Homes of BC, André was in charge of the day-to-day running of this multimillion-dollar company with a global client list for 20 plus years. He managed more than 120 employees and millions of dollars’ worth of log inventory on the yard. Expecting perfection, he pushed these men and women to their limits for maximum creativity and production, while holding a deep respect and appreciation for his staff who work long hours away from home and family.

While he’s exceedingly polite and never forgets anyone’s name, André has been known to butt heads with some members of his family business, and sometimes even the guys in the yard. As the one who wrote the cheques, he often had to be the bearer of bad news. In the past, Bryan Sr. had promised the guys new equipment, but it’s André who had to tell them no.

Today and outside of Pioneer, André can be found spending time with his wife Wendy and four kids. Work or play, his commitment to family and resolve for building relationships is what André strives for daily. He is a firm believer that adversity transcends you. His honesty and integrity is apparent the first time you meet him.



Chief Economist

Helmut is the Chief Economist for Central 1 Credit Union, a position he has held for the past 20 years.  Helmut leads the Economics department responsible for providing economic, housing, credit union financial analysis and forecasts to member credit unions.

Prior to joining the Central 1 Credit Union, Helmut spent many years with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation analyzing and forecasting the housing market and economy.

Helmut is frequently called upon by the media to provide comments on economic news and his presentations are in demand by many organizations and groups, including credit unions, trade and professional associations, and service clubs.

He has a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia(UBC) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Economics and Commerce from Simon Fraser University.  He completed the Diploma Program in Urban Land Economics from the UBC Sauder School of Business.


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