Section Two: Company Profile


In this section, you will give a detailed description of your planned company, products and services.


Table 2 outlines some guidelines you might want to follow when writing up your company profile.

Table 2: Guidelines for Company Profile

Guidelines for Company Profile
  • Describe your planned company, location, products and services.
  • Describe any special technology and services required.
  • Explain why you think your business will be profitable.
  • List any references for existing orders or strong potential prospects.
  • Describe current market conditions.


Table 3 shows an example of a company profile of Fay’s Variety.

Table 3: Company Profile for Fay’s Variety


Fay’s Variety is a newly established sole proprietorship in the heart of Anywheretown. Fay Thomas, the owner and store manager, brings a high degree of professionalism as an experienced retail manager. Jake Morris, a longtime resident of Anywheretown, assisted Fay in building the business. Jake has a solid reputation and excellent business skills in this business area.

The store offers a wide selection of groceries and convenience items. It is licensed to sell lottery tickets. Fay’s Variety also offers DVDs, a postal service and shoe repair depot. A small deli and bakery counter are key attractions.

Fay’s Variety acquired the store equipment from a recent store closure. Some of the equipment is outdated and will require replacement within the year. The building is leased from Benton Incorporated, is in excellent condition, and is in a prime location.

The major competitor is Peterson’s Variety Store, with Mastermart being a close second. The remaining competitors are other grocery stores within the city due to their variety and proximity. Market conditions in general are very competitive with a 20 percent drop in commerce in recent years (according to the Chamber of Commerce).

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